Shashi Kapoor is hale and hearty

Mumbai woke up on Wednesday morning to rumours of Shashi Kapoor's death – yet again! As it turned out, the rumours were completely false. Said Shashi Kapoor's nephew Rishi Kapoor, "Everything is fine. These rumours are nonsense."

We also asked Shashi Saab's son Kunal Kapoor, and he too echoed the same sentiments, dismissing the veteran actor's death as "all rumours."

This is not first time that a panic situation has been created regarding the ailing Shashi Kapoor's well-being. He has been similarly 'killed' on Twitter on several occasions.

The Nightingale of India, Lata Mangeshkar who has been a repeated victim of these Twitter deaths has learnt to laugh off these rumours, except that they affect the people close to the person who is declared dead.

Says Lataji, "Such rumours only add to the life of the person who is killed by rumour-mongers. I truly wonder who spreads such strange rumours! It must have been someone completely drunk. In this era of quick and bulk communication anyone can send a vicious SMS about anyone and spark off an ugly rumour. Do such people realize how disturbed people get by these rumours?"

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