Third suspect arrested in Mark Gillis robbery 2021

This article was last updated on June 20, 2022

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Third suspect of robbery on Mark Gillis arrested by police | NOW

Police have arrested a third suspect on suspicion of involvement in the robbery of Mark Gillis. The police recently arrested a 39-year-old man from Den Bosch and a 42-year-old man from Rosmalen, now a 22-year-old man from Den Bosch has also been detained.

Mark Gillis was brutally robbed in the night of 6 to 7 November last year when he arrived at his chalet at the Prinsenmeer holiday park. Mark is the son of holiday park millionaire Peter Gillis who has his own reality series on SBS6: Familie Gillis: Massa Is Kassa.

After the robbery, the forensic team investigated for traces in and around the victim’s chalet. Various traces were found, including DNA traces. On that basis, the first suspect was arrested.

In the follow-up investigation, the 42-year-old man from Rosmalen and the now arrested 22-year-old suspect from Den Bosch came into the picture, according to the police. The latter reported to the police station on Monday morning around 11 a.m., where he was arrested. Earlier in the morning, the police had already gone to his house, but the suspect was not at home.

The two suspects previously arrested are both still in custody. The investigation continues after the last arrest, the police said.

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