Starbucks Color-Changing Tumblers Are Back In New Seasonal Shades

First, we’re going to need everyone to take a deep breath and steady themselves. When we shared the news last year that Starbucks had dropped color-changing tumblers, there wasn’t a Starbucks location in the country with a surviving stock of these cups. At this point last year, people had taken to Ebay to upsell their stockpiles and play new casino with free slots. Now, Starbucks is back with a new line of color-changing tumblers in seasonal colors. 

The tumblers in Starbucks’ summer 2020 collection come in five shades. Tomato, Peach, Marigold, Cobalt, and Sea. But these cups are so much more than just cups. While these are a seasonal product and will only be available while supplies last, Starbucks has confirmed that they will be restocked throughout the summer.

Allow us to breakdown why these tumblers, of all the Starbucks tumblers, seem to frenzy customers the most: First, each tumbler comes in one color but turns into another when exposed to cold liquids. Not only do you get a transformation, but you get two colors for the price of one. Second, these tumblers are sold in packs of five that retail for $18.95, so each cup (lid and straw included) comes in at just under $4.

Given the state of operations during the pandemic, securing these tumblers might not be as simple as walking into a Starbucks and grabbing them off the shelves. But you can find them at Starbucks licensed stores, like Target and some grocery stores. And it might not hurt to ask the barista that tends to you at the drive-thru.

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