Effective e-marketing is the key to operating any successful online business

The internet has no fixed rules, like Bill Gates said, it’s an incredible opportunity as well as an incredible challenge. Once a luxury for the elite, the internet has become a part of humans’ lives, making fluidity possible even in the quantal world of computers.

The growing popularity of the internet only makes sense for young business minds to use the medium to reach a larger market. Online marketing has thus become the leading primary means for businesses in getting into direct contact with and widening their range of customers/consumers.

With increasing traffic on the internet, the scope of information available has broadened manifold. There is virtually no restriction on the kind and quality of content that is available virtually. Anyone with a laptop and a modem can get their idea, argument or product across the entire world through this virtual platform. Facebook, for example, was created in a dorm room with a college community in mind as target. Spreading beyond the dormitory boundary, it boast hundreds of millions of users today and has become not just a part of most of our lives, but a primary platform for disclosing personal information and an essential one for sharing and forwarding world affair news.

On the other hand, while initially established retailers used the internet to evade physical limitations of retailing, today we see full-fledged businesses not just operating and profiting online, but existing entirely on the sole virtuality of the internet.

With the plunge of online commerce into basic trade, the trend of e-marketing has taken over the world. Command over this trend is sure to take your entrepreneurial venture on greater heights. So let’s have look at the latest e-marketing ensemble that will lead the road to your entrepreneurial success.

Scramble the social network

The best marketing strategy, and perhaps the most convenient one is social media marketing.

The self-explanatory name should have already given you an idea of how it works. This strategy comes in handy if you know what class, age or gender you are targeting. For example, if your product or services serve the older lot, Facebook and Twitter might help you find a range of customers but apps like Instagram and Snapchat would be of little use because these are common among the younger generation mostly.

Alternatively, if you are offering a product or services for teenagers, then perhaps you could exhaust all social platforms, from snapchat to flickr, and email blasts to blogging websites.

Blogging in itself is a great repertoire for new-age marketing. Real estate e-portal Zameen.com, for example, engages audience by offering regular real estate updates and related information via blog and a specialized news forum on the portal. The portal mediates the physical gap between buyers, sellers, renters and investors of property in Pakistan with a common online platform. The website has built a trustable reputation with news and blogs, which in turn brings people back on the forum for all needs related to real estate. 

Other than availing free platforms you could also pay other web pages for including your site link ads on their homepages. Search engine marketing (SEM) such as this one is usually used by those who can afford to spend on online marketing.

Whatever the option you chose, an important thing to know is that content is the most important tool in online marketing.

Outbreak doesn’t outlast

With boundaries blurring in the virtual world, content not only includes a catchy blurb but also well-written articles, creative videos and pictures as found on Youtube, Flickr and similar sites. Content is a vignette to your business and quality content often accounts for greatest profits. So which ever platform you choose on the internet, make sure you send in the best content that always links audience back to your business or your website.

With creativity and innovation, you can try your luck at going viral – probably the fastest way of catching worldwide attention.

However as appealing as it sounds, going viral doesn’t always end up helping your business. In fact, in the digital age ruled by images and animations, viral things seldom persist in memory. So avoid the shortcut and try to aim for leaving a long-term or permanent mark on the target audience, as trust and loyalty go a far long way than a buzz of entertainment. 

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