Deconstructing The #OOTD Pose

This story was originally published on November 28, 2015.

Regardless of the time of day or week, it’s impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing handfuls of Outfit of the Day posts. Between photos of food porn and your BFF’s cat, you’ll find a slew of fashion bloggers and the well-heeled putting out a seemingly constant stream of style shots complete with tons of “tap for credits” goodness. Follow enough of these stylish ladies and you’ll start to see a pattern: A handful of poses tend to pop up again and again — and they may just be the secret to getting those thousands of double-taps.

If you’re a beginner in the world of outfit photo ops, figuring out just how to pose can feel awkward and intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. For days when you’re really feeling your look (but don’t know how to show it off), we’ve compiled 15 fool-proof, industry-approved poses that will showcase both you and your outfit. Click on and let the #OOTD veterans show you how it’s done.

The Knee-Pop
An instant way to make your legs look longer, this pose is not surprisingly a favorite among the fashion community on Instagram. It also comes in handy when wearing wide-legged pants — a little leg separation prevents them from looking like a skirt in photos.

Photo via @whitneybearr.

The Almost-Curtsy
Find yourself wearing a sweet, mod, Alexa-Chung-style look but don’t know how to show it off? A raised brow and slight pinch of your skirt will do the trick.

Photo via @lapetiteanglaise.

The Armpit Air-Out
Aside from cooling yourself on a hot day, the causal, one-arm-up pose is model-approved and instantly chic. Sticking one leg out and sporting a parted pout complete the overall look.

Photo via @natalieoffduty.

The Headless Mirror-Selfie
For when you’re loving your outfit but feeling like your face isn’t quite ready for its close-up, opt for the headless selfie to let your neck-down statements do the talking.

Photo via @kaffeeundtee.

The Over-The-Shoulder Sit
Who, me? I’m just sitting on the curb, minding my own business… For this pose, it’s all about appearing like you were just kicking back, pondering tomorrow’s outfit, when someone called out your name and snapped an unexpected (but totally expected) photo of you.

Photo via @chiaraferragni.

The Casually-Crossing-The-Street Shot
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get the most effortless-looking OOTD photo, obviously.

Photo via @azizaxoxo.

The Laid-Back Profile
WeWoreWhat blogger Danielle Bernstein is the master of nonchalantly looking at something in the distance, showcasing the head-to-toe, front-meets-side view of her outfits.

Photo via @weworewhat.

The First Day Of School
This one’s pretty simple — all you have to do is stand like you used to when your parents would take your first-day-of-school photo every year. Here, showing your face (and gap-toothed grin) is optional.

Photo via @manrepeller.

The Cross-Legged Stance
Another guaranteed leg-elongator, this pose should be your new go-to for dresses and jeans. Extra points for tilting you’re head back like someone just told you something really funny.

Photo via @nicolettemason.

The Straight-On Street-Style Veteran
With legs hip-width apart, lean more weight to one side, keep your arms hanging down, and offer a half-smile. Boom — you’ve officially achieved street style photographer gold.

Photo via @pandorasykes.

The Clothes-In-Motion
For an artsier, slightly less contrived outfit photo, have your friend or photographer snap you while you’re moving for a chic and frame-worthy in-motion shot.

Photo via @marygiudicelli.

The #EvaChenPose
Eva Chen has made a franchise out of her go-to outfit pose, which showcases only the ankles, shoes, and bag of the day (oh, and a healthy serving of fruit). Just don’t forget to use the hashtag (#EvaChenPose) if you give this one a whirl.

Photo via @evachen212.

The Twirl
If you’re feeling whimsical, there’s nothing like a classic twirl to showcase a flowy dress or skirt. Make sure to turn slowly enough, though, so you don’t totally blur out your look.

Photo via @lusttforlife.

The Hand-In-Pocket
Stylist and blogger Pernille Teisbaek has made this cool-girl stance her signature. While standing slightly pigeon-toed, give a slight bend in the knee and tuck one hand in your pocket while you shyly look away from the camera.

Photo via @lookdepernille.

The One-Foot-In-Front-Of-The-Other
For a curbside outfit shot, position your feet as if you’re taking baby steps. It’s the secret to true #OOTD magic.

Photo via @heitzali.

The Mommy-Blogger
The latest #OOTD accessory? A stroller. That’s right: Just because you’ve got a little one doesn’t mean you can’t strike a pose and show off your model mother off-duty look. If anything, your likes will only double with that cutie in tow.

Photo via @somethingnavy.

The Mirror Shot
You don’t always have someone around to take your #OOTD for you. So, find a full-length mirror, cross one foot in front of the other, and boom — got the shot.

Photo via @christenebarberich.

The Falling Jacket
The easiest way to make your outfit look instantly cooler? Let your jacket fall nonchalantly off your shoulders.

Photo: Via @itsmekellieb

The Casual Lounge
Just sittin’, waitin’, wishin’.

Photo Via : @double3xposure.

The Hair Adjustment
Don’t mind me, just getting every hair in place.

Photo via @laurencaruso_.

The Angelina Jolie
Girl, if that dress has a thigh slit, you better use it.

Photo: @xosubrina.

The Double Trouble

Locate the nearest mirror and open up your #OOTD to a whole new world of angles. Show off your French braids (or your butt!), all while preserving the valuable front view of your ‘fit.

The Carefree Shoe

Casually draw attention to your killer footwear and advertise how carefree/chill your life is, all in one pose. It’s about the details, darling.

The Hip-Distance Apart
No leg crossing here.

Photo: @jessicazwu.

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