What I Wore: The O.C.

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The photo above pretty much sums up my feelings about The O.C. – the place, not the TV show. On our 4th day in California, we once again packed into a bus – this time a Lux one(with hardwood floors and electrical outlets!), and headed out to experience Orange County!

Our first stop – Fashion Island. If I ever had to be stuck at an island, I would want it to be Fashion Island. With stores like Jonathan AdlerKitsonBloomingdale’sNordstrom, and so many more, we really had to hustle in order to shop our favourites in one hour, but we managed. I helped le bf pick up a couple of new pairs of jeans, while I got some cute knick-knacks from Kitson. And we still snuck in some time to take a million photos by the tiny Eiffel Tower replica – how’s that for efficient shopping?

After our whirlwind shopping expedition, we headed to Dana Wharf for some R&R on a luxury catamaran, where we sampled delicious wines from The Organic Cellar. It was a perfect, (slightly) boozy afternoon in the beautiful Dana Point Harbor, complete with sea lion sightings and wind-blown hair. I felt like Beyonce.

After the wine cruise, we headed to Doheny Beach to end our night with a bonfire cookout, but not before stopping by to admire the Elephant Parade at Dana Point. Dozens of painted baby-sized elephant statues were on display to create public awareness and support for the cause of elephant conservation.

“The Asian Elephant Foundation auction/sell the statues and hence the foundation can support various projects. In addition to the sale of exhibition Elephant Parade elephants, 20% of Elephant Parade net profit is also distributed to The Asian Elephant Foundation. This generates a steady stream of ongoing income for the foundation.” It is a great cause to support, and a wonderful way to garner said support through art. There were so many beautiful elephant statues on display…I wanted to buy them all…and I probably would, if I had deeper pockets. Alas…

After snapping some more elephant pics, we headed over to our assigned picnic area at Doheny Beach and got our cookout started. We stuffed ourselves with yummy hot dogs, watched the sunset, and made s’mores. It was fun and relaxing, and made me feel really happy all over, from head to toes. Maybe because it brought me back to my childhood, or perhaps because I was surrounded by a great group of people, but that part of the day was my fave – just beach, fire, and friends, making unforgettable memories.

I Wore: Sweater, Tank Top – Gap; Skort, Necklace, Sandals – Zara; Bag – Chanel; Bracelet – H&M; Sunglasses – ALDO; Hat – J.Crew

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