Is Taylor Swift The New Bob Dylan With CMA Performance of Red

Taylor Swift a singer songwriter who achieved enormous popularity at 23 likes to re-arrange her most famous songs while playing on dimly lit stages

Taylor Swift at the 2013 CMA show with Allison Kraus and Vince Gill (ABC video)

Taylor Swift at the 2013 CMA show with Allison Kraus and Vince Gill (ABC video)

Why is Taylor Swift re-arranging her biggest hit “Red” at the 47th CMA Award show, on a dimly lit stage? Is this Bob Dylan’s Never Ending Tour?

Probably because she can do whatever she wants at this stage of her career.

Taylor Swift writes own songs, plays her own guitar and has more connection with her audience than any artist today. “Red” produced 7 hit singles and sold over 6 million copies worldwide.

Just like Bob Dylan, Taylor Swift’s voice and guitar playing are not perfect but she can connect a song emotionally with her fans. OK Taylor Swift has a much prettier voice than Dylan.

The CMA gave Swift the Pinnacle Award, only given once before to Garth Brooks as the man who drove the popularity of New Country and saved the industry from oblivion. “The award goes to artists who take country music to a worldwide audience.” CBS

Unlike Bob Dylan who snarled at and played games with the press and fans, with all her success Taylor Swift still acts like a charming, sweet girl who can’t believe that people love her.

“Red” is her 4th album and cements her place as one of country and pops greatest stars. She will be 24 years old in December 2013 and she has the love and adoration of millions of fans.

Like Dylan crossed over from folk to rock, Taylor is also a crossover from Country to Pop. Her latest song “Sweeter Than Fiction” goes even deeper with ties to .Fun and their hip hop influenced indie pop.

We have hardly seen what Taylor Swift can do at her young age. She has more talent than most artists. She can make talking to her cat an interesting video.

While we have almost deified Bob Dylan he calls himself “just a song and dance man.” Taylor Swift ahs only begun what appears to be a very creative career.

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