Mobile Telephone Subscribers Directed To Register

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Telecommunication and Postal Services Juma Lugga Stephen told Gurtong that the decision was passed by the cabinet in June last year.

The implementation of the resolution was postponed due to complexity of the situation then as most mobile telephony firms were still operating under the larger Sudan.

“Now that the companies have separated their networks from Sudan and adopting the South Sudan country code +211, the Ministry has assessed and resolved that it is time to fully implement the move. We are now calling upon the citizens to register as per this resolution”, said Lugga.

He added that the move came after emergence of several issues that he said cannot be solved without access to a database of mobile telephone subscribers in the country.

He said the registration will assist the Ministry to establish a database which will help the Ministry in planning purposes as well as addressing related security issues.

“This registration will help our citizens because some people are misusing their phones to threaten and insult others. Once this is in place, complaints can be lodged with the authorities and appropriate action taken”, he said.

This is the latest government’s move in an attempt to streamline the communication system in the country.

Telecom operators have in the recent past been given ultimatum to separate their networks from being administered by neighbouring Sudan.

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