Unity State Government Supports Cooperation Agreement

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The State Deputy Governor who is also the Minster of Local Government and Law Enforcement Michael Chinagjiek Geay said that “the signed nine cooperation agreements will benefit the two Countries in term of economically stability.”

Geay was speaking after arriving from Juba where they met President Salva Kiir who briefed all the governors on the contents of the signed agreements.

Geay also stated that the people should not panic as long as this agreement did not give out any piece of land to Sudan

“There is a big different between buffer zone and border demarcation. These areas that fall into the buffer zone areas do not mean that they are given to the North Sudan, this agreement will just create and restore peace between the two viable states that may lead into the successful and peaceful settlement of the remaining issues such as Abyei and other contested areas,” he said.

He said that we should not blame our negotiating team this time round because they have done very well during the negotiation in Addis Ababa.

South Sudan shut down its oil production last January when the two countries disagreed on oil transit fee and Juba accuse Khartoum of stealing its oil.

Although the two governments agreed to restart the oil production through the Sudan infrastructure, the local population fears that Sudan will use other means of stealing the oil.

 The Unity State Oil task force has condemned the misleading procedures used by the oil companies of not consulting the local communities and even the state government.

Peter Malith Dayiem, deputy Chairperson of Unity State Oil Task Force stressed that “the oil companies must consult the local communities before starting their operation.”

In a telephone interview, Dayiem said that the people where oil infrastructure is being put up must benefit from it in terms of employment, building schools, hospitals and health care centers.

For the last years of oil production in the country, the people of Koch and Guit counties in Unity State suffered from rapid mismanagement of oil resource by the oil companies.

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