New Inspector General Of Police Visits Jonglei State

South Sudan Inspector General of Police (IGP) General Pieng Deng Kuol in Bor. [Jacob Achiek Jok]

“I am coming to visit my forces and my police in the state and definitely to come and acquaint myself into the situation here in this state where a lot of reports have been coming to my office,” Majok said.

On community policing which was established in some counties in the state, the IGP said “I have no much comment on this because the objective is the community policing and not community police but community policing is how the police could act to the population and they build the good relationship between police and the community.”

He said that they are taking on the community policing so that they define the roles of the community in policing.

Pieng said that it is not necessary to have guns but what is important is that the community organize themselves so that the policing is very easy for them.

State Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk said that they have addressed the challenges being imposed by David Yau Yau in the state.

Kuol said that Yau Yau is being supported by a foreign country where they drop ammunitions, arms and food and Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) will not accept to have two armies in the country.

The governor said that Yau Yau has rejected the amnesty being granted by the president and the SPLA will and get rid of him.

Manyang said that they need the strengthening of police forces in the areas where cattle raiders and abductors create insecurity.

Last week, the IGP said that his new leadership will be focused in exerting efforts in the implementation of the reformatory policies of the Interior Ministry in a move to professionalize the police.

He said there is still lack of capacity building in the sector hindering efforts aimed at ensuring effective rule of law.

He said community policing and lack of investigative skills, knowledge and experiences have stand as one critical factor in the police, adding ignorance among the civil servants and senior government officials on how to follow up the legal procedures while compiling cases is one challenge.

He said he will ensure close cooperation with the Ministries of Justice and the Judiciary in a move to ensure justice is done by ensuring that all cases compiled in the police are executed on time as they are supposed to be.

He said his office has introduced a new policy in which the states, department of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the United Nations submit daily reports to his office in a move to monitor the progress of ensuring the full implementation of the rule of law in the society.  

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