Cattle Raiding Is Cultural In Jonglei: Official

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Bor County Commissioner, Dr. Agot Alier Leek has said that he does not believe the practice of child abduction, cattle raiding and killing of innocent people was not very ugly as it is at the current situation though it is not a recent thing as some of the people pretend it is because of poverty.

Agot Alier said cattle raiding and child abduction is the cause of conflicts in the state because there is no another sources of conflict.

“This practice I think, it is something actually that is embody in the culture of the community who practice it, this is the take off actually from the culture,” Commissioner Agot Alier said.

He said that it is cultural in areas of Murle as young men will have to go and raid the other communities to prove manhood and raiding other communities includes abduction of people’s children.

He accused the agencies for introducing the wrong analysis of backwardness and poverty in the state.

“I don’t believe that those people who try to bring up this issue of backwardness and poverty, this is not in place, there is always wrong analysis which has been recently introduced by some of the agencies,” he said.

He said that in state Dinka, the Nuer, Anyuak communities and other tribes in Jonglei have been affected by the activities played by Murle.

“So if you turn to build a concept that it is the community of Pibor that is backward and poor, then you are actually missing the formula,” he told agencies.

Agot said that if they need to address the issues of conflicts they need to go in and work with the community, educating them that the practice of raiding and abducting children is unacceptable by the international law standards.

He said that he believes child abduction and cattle raiding as a culture after they interacted with some members of Murle community at different levels to know the way people are thinking in Murle areas.

Agot said that if the case was because of the poverty, everybody should have been doing it in Jonglei and in South Sudan at large but the fact that it is one community that is doing it means that there is something within the culture of that community.

He said that people are poor but they try to find other ways of living rather than abducting and selling others children.

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