Two South Sudanese In Detention Over Sudan Demos

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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South Sudanese Ambassador to Sudan, Mayen Dut Wol told Gurtong on Tuesday in an interview that, there were five South Sudanese who were caught up during the demonstrations. However, the three who were women were released.

“We raise this complaint to the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and even we contacted dignitaries of Sudan to explain to them that these people have not participated but still we are struggling so that they can be released,” Mayen said.

“They are in Khartoum. We have one person who was injured and the embassy of South Sudan is taking his care. There were three women that were arrested but they were released,” said Mayen.

According to the diplomat, the two students were arrested in Wad Medani.

Mayen also revealed that, there are still estimated 200,000 South Sudanese in Khartoum with several others awaiting transportation back home. He said there are 38,000 in Kosti alone.

He said there are at least 800 South Sudanese students studying in Khartoum schools.

Scores of South Sudanese got displaced to Sudan and other neighboring countries during the over two decade civil war fought between Sudan and South Sudan that ended in 2005.

It was estimated that, over two million people were killed in South Sudan during the war and nearly four million others were displaced.

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