EES Youth Union Wants Support To Overcome Cattle Raids

The president of the Union Mr. Epone Emmanuel Lolimo presented their plans including budget to UN Agencies, Peace-building partners and the state government seeking logistical and financial support on last Friday at the Youth Centre in the state capital, Torit.

Cattle raiding in EES is common among the pastoral communities in Budi, Greater Kapoeta, Ikwoto and Lopa/Lafon.  
 Mr. Lolimo says his union needs at least SSP65, 000 to carry out a sensitization campaign on the negative effects of cattle raiding and criminal practices.

He said the Union’s participatory approach will lay the basis for peace and reconciliation among the communities of Greater Kapoeta and Budi County. Cases of cattle raiding and theft associated with merciless killings of innocent people remain a huge concern in the state among the pastoral communities.

To curb the challenges, the Youth Union has set its sight on community sensitization. 

The youth leader also appealed to government and development partners to take basic services like medicines, clean water, schools/education, and electricity to the rural communities and create employment opportunities for the youth. 

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