South Sudanese Accused Sudan Of Torturing Citizens At Neigbouring JebelainTown

The commissioner of Renk County accused authorities in the neighbouring Sudan’s White Nile State of allowing their officers to interfere with free movement of South Sudanese who were on
their way to visit their families displaced to Sudanese towns of Rebak and Kosti.

“We are very sorry to reveal that 4 of our citizens travelling to Kosti and Rebak in Sudan were arrested and badly tortured by Sudanese military intelligence apparatus. They were arrested on October 3, 2014 and experienced humiliation and beatings from the security elements,” revealed Hon. Lual Deng Chol, the commissioner of Renk County.

Chol said that these four citizens were going for the Muslim’s Festival of Eid Al-Adhah Al Mubarak, which was celebrated earlier this week. He said two people were released first after spending two days in custody and that the remaining two only arrived in Renk yesterday.

“Because they were detained, they did not reach their families. It was only on 7 October that they were released and so I have sent them to Juba for treatment by Thursday (Oct. 9). We condemn it and urged Sudanese citizens and authorities to return to their senses and stop any activities of the kind in the future,” Chol said.

He accused rebels of South Sudan of having influenced the Sudanese security elements to act badly against South Sudanese on their behalf within the Sudanese territory.

“We have lived nicely before with authorities in Sudan’s White Nile State but this must be influence from rebel fighters and officials who are now residing in the bordering towns of Sudan. Imagine these citizens are purely civilians but they were accused of being SPLA spies visiting Sudan on secret missions but that is not true,” the commissioner added.

“You know the majority of our population in Renk are Muslims and they turn up in large numbers for celebrations of Muslims’ festivals. The fact that our county has experienced insecurity from rebel attackers, most of the families are in Sudan. So people want to celebrate with their families in Sudan. That has no connection with spying,” he said.

Chol said that authorities at neighbouring towns must make sure that they keep the Sudan – South Sudanese bilateral relations strong.

“Our Sudanese counterparts should not involve themselves in a different country’s affairs. So they should stay away from the rebels’ influence. Our citizens in Sudan are not living there free of charge. They are renting their houses. They are buying in their markets and spending their money in Sudan. That is for their economic strength. The Sudanese should know that they are gaining from South Sudan and therefore our citizens need protection from Sudan,” Chol argued.

Recently South Sudanese have accused Sudanese authorities of cooperating with rebel movement of theformer South Sudanese Vice President Dr Machar to defeat Juba regime by first by controlling Upper Nile Region and the oil fields there.

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