Crime Rates In Juba Has Reduced Says Spokesperson Of Police

This article was last updated on May 28, 2022

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The South Sudan National Police Services (SSNPS) Spokesperson said the rate of crimes being committed in Juba had drastically reduced following a crackdown by the police service.

12 January 2016

Police officers during a training In Juba [Photo| Jok P Mayom]

By Jok P Mayom

JUBA 12, January 2015 [Gurtong]- Col. James Monday Enoka, during an interview with Gurtong on Monday said that he applauds the SSNPS for their efforts in bringing down criminal activities in Juba to an end.

“….the Ministry of Interior and South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS) has tirelessly contained the security situation to normalcy. The rate of crime has reduced drastically” said Colonel Enocka.

“You don’t hear unknown gunmen nowadays because of the efforts made by the police service in patrolling and cracking down the criminals” he said.

However, Enocka lauded the cooperation of the general public in availing information to the police which has led to arrests and crackdown of the criminals in Juba.

The Police Spokesperson assures the citizens of their maximum protection by the police and urges them to continue cooperating.

“Regarding the criminal activities in the city, you may recall that we strengthened our effort to crackdown the criminal activities and now you can see there are no reports of the unknown gunmen by the citizens” said Enocka.

In October last year the Spokesperson said that the police managed to capture 23 suspects in Juba in an effort to curb crime rates.

He the 23 suspects were arrested in different locations in Juba. These included 12 foreigners from the countries in the region and 11 South Sudanese nationals all under detention for the crime they committed.

With those efforts, Enocka said South Sudanese in Juba were able to celebrate the Christmas season without any reports of the unknown gunmen.

The Police Spokesperson said the police and criminal investigation department (C.I.D) personnel were deployed together with the police force of 777 who were working on 24 hours to curb the crime rates in the city.

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