Transgendered Miss Universe Canada contestant confident to win

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Jenna Talackova, 23, of Vancouver says she can smell her victory ever since she was allowed to take part in the beauty pageant this weekend. Talackova is a transgendered Miss Universe Canada contestant whose request to enter the pageant raised many questions and controversies.

Although Talackova already sees herself winning the pageant this weekend, she says she has much higher aims in life and wants to run for the ultimate prize. Talackova seems hopeful that her leap would make it easier for other transgenders to confidently take part in competitions.

“If it works out, then great. If not, I’m so proud of myself,” Talackova said. “I’ve won in so many other ways that I feel good about.”

Talackova changed her gender when she was 19. She says she has a boyfriend and wants to become a mother some day. Initially Talackova’s application was rejected saying she was not a naturally born female. However, pageant owner Donald Trump overruled the decision and said Talackova could participate.

“I’ve set a precedent for a lot of women in my situation so once I step on that stage every woman in every other country that doesn’t have the option I have now can fight for it. I feel so blessed with this opportunity,” Talackova said.

The young blonde says the pageant means a lot to her because it will give her the platform to inspire others and also an opportunity to travel around the world doing humanitarian work.

“It’s also a competition of health, fitness and charisma and those are all three things I possess. I have two sides to me. There’s the soft, subtle, calm side,” says Talackova. “And there’s the very glam, diva-ish side. I had to let that side loose a bit.”

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