MP Selects Anti-Abortion Activists for Jubilee Medal

Justice Minister of Canada has made a request to inquire from Conservative caucus colleague, Maurice Vellacott to clarify why he suggested a Diamond Jubilee medal for a second time offender jailed for harassing women over abortion.

A pro-life advocacy site has stated that Mr. Vellacott used one of his 30 fixed Queen’s honours to reward the anti-abortion efforts of Mary Wagner. Wagner’s aggressive efforts in “counselling” women in abortion clinics have put him in prison more than once. His second choice was a Saskatchewan MP Linda Gibbons, who is also quite popular for her longtime pro-life advocacy and concequently faced numerous of relevant trouble charges. It is not yet confirmed till Tuesday afternoon whether Ms. Gibbons and Ms. Wagner have affirmatively received the medal or not.

38-years-old Ms. Wagner is facing jail time at the moment in Toronto expecting a trial after an incident in a clinic in August. Her hearing will also bring up another conviction of summer for a not-so-different offence. Last November she tried to forcefully enter a Toronto clinic’s private treatment area.

Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson, stated that it is Mr. Vellacott’s choice if he is willing to notice of the matter, but that he personally is very happy to have awarded Diamond Jubilee medals to victims of crime. The pro-life advocacy site also mentioned that Mr. Vellacott has compared Ms. Wagner and Ms. Gibbons to Martin Luther King for using civil disobedience in a just cause.

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