Pizza delivery man beaten and robbed in Windsor

The Windsor Police Service is asking for the public’s assistance after a pizza delivery man was robbed this morning in the city’s downtown area.  At 1:05 a.m. this morning, uniformed officers responded to the 900 block of Janette Avenue for a report of an assault.  Upon arrival officers observed a male party who appeared dazed and confused.  Upon a closer look, officers could see that this male party’s face and shirt were covered in blood.  The officers spoke to the male who advised that minutes earlier, he had arrived at an address in the 900 block of Janette Avenue.  As the delivery man exited his vehicle a male party yelled out to him "over here" and he approached the residence.  Just when the delivery man began to hand over the pizza to the male a second male appeared carrying a baseball bat.  Their was a brief exchange of words between the two males and then the second male began to strike the delivery man several times in the head.
As the delivery man fell to the ground, a female voice was heard yelling out to the suspects threatening to call the Police.  The two suspects fled the scene.  The victim attended the hospital and is being treated for head injuries sustained during the assault.
Investigation has revealed that the victim was robbed of a quantity of money.   
Police are asking that anyone with any information regarding this robbery call Windsor Police.
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