Mayor Ford Confesses ‘Absolutely I had a couple beers’ at Toronto Street Festival

Addressing his recent indecent behaviour at city’s annual Taste of the Danforth street festival on Sunday, Toronto mayor Rob Ford confessed that he had ‘a couple beers’ at the time he was attending the event. Speaking on the matter at his weekly radio show, which he cohosts with his brother and councilor Doug Ford, Mr. Ford stated “Did I have a couple beers? Absolutely I had a couple beers.”

Ford caused serious concerns and a public stunt on Friday night at the annual ‘Taste of the Danforth’ street festival, where he could be seen sometimes swaying on his feet and repeatedly telling people “Let’s go party.” Things got worse when his stunt was caught on camera and spread online in a series of videos showing the mayor’s incomprehensible behavior. Addressing the videos, Ford mentioned during his radio show that the situation is being “blown out of proportion” and he simply decided to “let his hair down.”

Mayor Ford mentioned in an explanatory tone at the radio show that “I drove myself down there, I was not drinking. I went out, had a few beers and I did not drive home,” adding that “my people met me after that.” Ford has been arrested in the past on charges of drunken driving and marijuana possession in Florida in 1999. A report published by Toronto Star allegedly claims that it’s an “open secret at city hall that the mayor has battled alcohol abuse.”

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