Liberal and PC cooperative effort defeats NDP MPP Schein’s Clean Trains Bill

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

NDP MPP Jonah Schein says the votes that defeated his Clean Trains Bill today are further evidence that this government continues to ignore the needs of communities in Toronto’s west end.

Schein’s bill to prevent the use of diesel trains on the UP Express and electrify the UP Express was up for second reading debate today, and was defeated by a majority of Liberal and PC votes, including votes by the Minister of Transportation and the Minister of Health, against the Clean Trains Bill.

“I am disappointed to see Liberals vote against a bill that would protect our health and environment and improve transit in our city,” said Schein, MPP for Davenport. “This is further evidence that the government is ignoring communities in Toronto’s west end.” 

“West Toronto communities have said from the beginning: build it once, build it right. Bill 84 was an opportunity for the Liberal government to do just that – to switch tracks and invest in our city,” said Schein 

“It’s clear that when it comes to electrification, this government is all talk. Our communities have had enough. They want to see action.”

Schein says efforts to electrify the air rail link are not over and he will continue to work with community members and groups to protect the environment and improve transit. 

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