Military Police Arrests Two Connected to Hateful Facebook Page

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Several sources have confirmed news of an investigation by military police into a Facebook page that featured derogatory remarks regarding several LGBT Canadian Forces members. According to The Canadian Forces, the two members of the military, both from CFB Petawawa near Ottawa, were arrested in January in connection with the page but have not charged so far.

A former member of the Canadian Forces, Katherine Bickford, explained that she and her same-sex spouse were being targeted on the Facebook page, called “CPL Bloggins,” which was entirely dedicated to posting hateful messages about LGBT members of the military. Bickford shared that her partner is currently serving at CFB Comox in British Columbia, and she believes she was specifically targeted because she is transgender. Bickford elucidated that her pictures were posted to the site and she was referred to as “man baby,” and an “it.”  She further added that other members of the Canadian Forces were harassed on the page as well. Bickford stated that “It has damaged the careers of people,” and “there are people who are already suffering from PTSD. This kind of stuff doesn’t help.”

Furthermore, Bickford explained that later “they posted my partner’s name, ‘Here is what she does in the military, here is where she works,’ it got to the point where this went beyond making us angry. It’s at the point where we are afraid.” Even though the page has been removed by Facebook several times, it still manages to reappear after a short while. 

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