Quebec Liberals Promise to Implement New Maritime Strategy

Making another election campaign promise, Quebec Liberal Leader, Philippe Couillard, has vowed to reinvigorate the province’s maritime transport system. Making an announcement on the third day of the Quebec election campaign, i.e. Friday, Mr. Couillard revealed that he has planned to spend $112.5-million on a maritime strategy, out of which half of the money will be spent to provide incentives to upgrade the fleet of ships that ply the St. Lawrence River, provided the work is done in one of Quebec’s eight shipyards.

In addition to that, the Liberals also sought support from the federal government and requested for their co-operation to upgrade port access and create a transportation hub just west of Montreal that will create a viable link to all major rail and road routes with the St. Lawrence Seaway. Mr. Couillard alleged to have had optimistic discussions with members of the federal Conservative government on his plan. He explained that “these aren’t ideas that just came to us, there have been studies. And I know the federal government is very interested in developing commercial corridors.” Mr. Couillard stated that improvements to maritime transportation hold key importance for new free trade agreement with Europe coming into effect and an upcoming expansion of the Panama Canal.

On the other hand, one of Quebec’s prominent student leaders, Martine Desjardins, has resolved her differences with Parti Québécois leader, Pauline Marois, and has announced to run on behalf of the party in the riding of Groulx, just north of Montreal.

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