Canadian Authorities Greet Lev Tahor Sect Members at Airport

Nine members of the unconventional ultra-Orthodox Lev Tahor sect who tried to flee the country last week have returned to Canada on Saturday night, where they were welcomed by Toronto-area police and children’s aid officials. Six Lev Tahor children went in custody of Chatham-Kent Children’s Services, i.e. located about a three-hour drive southwest of Toronto, while the three adults were processed by border agents.

The fleeing members of the sect were stopped on March 5 in Trinidad and Tobago, from where they planned to leave for Guatemala. The children, accompanying the fleeing members, were named in a court order that sought to remove them from the community and place them in foster care. Since they failed to appear in court on a predetermined date, the judge ordered local children’s aid workers to bring back the children and use all law enforcement resources required.

According to a report published by London Free Press, a legal observer believes that the majority members of the sect who fled were caught, hence now child-welfare officials may show Lev Tahor some leniency. However, things were not so smooth in Trinidad, as the local media reported that “members of the group of men, women and children did not all go quietly.” It was explained that “one elderly man had to be carried by law enforcement officials while another, a screaming female, had to be pushed by two women police officers into a waiting 25-seater bus to be taken to the airport.”

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