Wynne Poised to Follow Through Libel Suit against Hudak

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne seems poised to go ahead with the libel suit she filed against Opposition Leader, Tim Hudak, as she recently demanded in an official letter that Hudak takes back his accusations and apologize or face legal consequences.

Addressing the audience at an Italian seniors’ centre in Toronto on Monday, Wynne stated that “I would hope that he would take action to retract and remove all of the allegations that he’s made. We’ve triggered a legal process that will unfold.” She also added that “we have made very specific requests and my hope is that he will comply with them.” Ms. Wynne was accused by Mr. Hudak almost two weeks ago, when he stated that she was “overseeing” the destruction of documents possibly related to the costly cancellations of two gas-fired power plants. However, on the contrary, Ontario police investigators have confirm that there is no evidence to prove that the document destruction had anything to do with Ms. Wynne.

Ms. Wynne has decided that threatening the Opposition was not enough. The latest letter addressed by Wynne’s lawyer to Mr. Hudak, straightforwardly demands that he retract and apologize for his comments. According to Wynne “I want to be able to debate matters of fact” and “I’ve been clear that the allegations that were made by the leader of the Opposition were very disturbing, and so we have taken that action so it will unfold as part of the legal process.”

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