Police warn that Lake Simcoe ice may not be safe

The York Regional Police Marine Unit are warning citizens to be diligent and stay off the ice on lakes and other bodies of water and away from fast flowing rivers and streams as milder weather is expected in the coming days.

As a result of the expected mild weather, open water is already present on Lake Simcoe and surrounding ponds, rivers and streams. York Regional Police is reminding everyone to stay off the ice as it is now dangerously unsafe and the water is extremely cold.

York Regional Police would like to remind citizens of the following safety tips to ensure everyone’s safety while enjoying outdoor activities near bodies of water:

• Ensure you are wearing the proper clothing and an approved personal flotation device
• Parents are reminded to ensure their children’s safety by keeping them away from fast-flowing rivers and streams
• During outdoor activities, ensure you tell someone where you will be, where you parked your vehicle and what time you are expected back
• Carry a cell phone with a fully-charged battery in the event of an emergency
• Be cautious of your footing around banks of rivers and streams
• Always be prepared for the unexpected

It is crucial that citizens take individual responsibility in evaluating the dangers of any recreational activity. If you make smart, educated choices on safety, accidents can be prevented. York Regional Police reminds the public there are inherent risks when doing activities in an uncontrolled and unpredictable natural setting. If you make smart, educated choices on safety, accidents can be prevented.

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