Obama wins! Now what?

Obama is the new president! Now what!

Can he change the world! No!

Only way president Obama can change American perception in the world is to change American foreign policy on the Israel and Palestine issue.

Is he willing to do that or is he in the position to do that. Not a chance. Watch the power brokers to come in the game and dictate the terms of presidency.

The world does not care about American domestic policy. It is the foreign policy that matters to them. Smart thing to do would be to is to lie to the world’s sheep and cut a deal with the power brokers.

Always remember power brokers are afraid of the collective sheep more then anything cause they will cut the throat of the power brokers. Revolutions are not in the interest of the power brokers.

Is president Obama another Mikhail Gorbachev who turned his back on the power brokers.  Mikhail Gorbachev was recruited by CIA in late 1970’s and changed his communist stripes when he came into power.

President Obama’s biggest challenge will be to change the American policy on Israel. If he does that then he will be respected in the world. The world is more then just American and Europe.

If he does not change his policy on Israel then Al-Qaeda will continue to attack American interests.

Good luck to Mr. Obama. Remember the game always looks easier from the benches.

Now you are at bat! Pressure mounts. The world is waiting for your swings.

Just my two cents!

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