Afghan Detainees: Parliament Is Submissive

Six months since the much vaulted deal, and we have nothing but empty promises from the participants, I’d say Layton has a powerful case:

“Stephen Harper has done everything in his power to hide what his government knew about the treatment of Afghan detainees. Now he’s doing it again, but with help from the Liberals and the Bloc,” said Layton at a press conference today. “Mr. Ignatieff, Mr. Duceppe, end this charade today and join us in holding Mr. Harper accountable.”

“A full year after Parliament demanded those documents, this charade hasn’t made a single document public. It flies in the face of the Speaker’s ruling. Instead of holding this government to account, my opposition colleagues are helping to shield records at the heart of this investigation,” said Defence Critic Jack Harris. “If they couldn’t see it six months ago, surely they can see it now: We need a public inquiry.”

My earlier predictions for context:

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Parliament isn’t supreme, it’s hidden in a back room while the PMO laughs its ass off. Embarrassing.

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