Tinder Surprise! Improv Match-Maker Carousel

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

After a successful first show at the 2016 Festival of New Formats, TINDER SURPRISE is BACK for MORE!

Tinder Surprise is a fast paced match-maker improv show where a carousel of characters may be swiped right into blissful improv scenes or swiped left into oblivion! Like any good date, the surprise comes at the end. Love? Loss? Or something in between? We won’t know until it happens.


Cassie Barradas

Natasha Boomer

Alia Rasul

Dale Wells

Martha Stortz

and of course, Fonzie Scheme! (Trevor Burns, Sean Fitch & Cecilia Tiburzio)

Tickets $5

Available at the door or online here: https://comedybar.ca/show.php?Event_ID=5805

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