Sunny Deol’s back problem delays Yamla Pagla Deewana shoot

There seems to be no end to Sunny Deol’s troubles. He’s back again in bed for a prolonged rest with his chronic back problem. And to compound his woes this time stones in his kidney were also detected. Director Samir Karnik who’s making a family film for and with the Deols entitled Yamla Pagla Deewana is in a fix. Just when he needed to shoot a high-voltage action sequence with Sunny, the actor with a chronic back problem is laid up with a back problem thereby putting a question mark on the action sequence. Now Karnik has no choice but to push forward the action sequence indefinitely and proceed with the post-production of the film. Informs Karnik, "Everything except the action sequence is done. Now I’m going ahead with the post-production. I’ll wait for Sunny to recover." That is easier said than done. Along with his back problem, Sunny also had stones in his kidney which he has currently gone to the US to get removed. Says Karnik, "But for his back problem there’s no remedy except complete bed rest. So even after the stones were removed by injection in the US, Sunny is still bedridden until his back is completely healed." Even then would Sunny be able to perform the stunt for Karnik’s film? Says Karnik, "I’ll wait. I’ve planned Ghayal kind of stunts for Sunny with the Ghajini action director Peter Heines. And if he is not up to it, I’ll cancel the action sequence. But I’m told after bed rest, Sunny’s back will be as good as new." Sunny Deol’s back problem can easily be considered chronic. For many years he has quietly and not so quietly suffering from a chronic back problem. On many occasions in his career recently, Sunny has been laid off because of his back. This is his fourth enforced holiday due to his back. How long it lasts depends entirely on Nature.
Incidentally, Akshay Kumar also has a chronic back problem which he recently solved with water- therapy treatment in Germany. Shah Rukh Khan too suffers from a bad back.
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