Making a suspense thriller is tough. To keep the audience attentive, besides keeping the viewer guessing till the end, requires complete understanding of the craft. Deepak Tijori had attempted a suspense thriller earlier [most storytellers have a penchant for this genre] and FOX, a complex theme, is more of a challenge for him. So, does Tijori get it right? Initially, yes. But Tijori loses it all towards the post-interval portions. The culmination is the thorn in the flesh. Strangely, most film-makers in Bollywood just don’t give a proper conclusion to suspense thrillers. The wrap up is just not compelling, with most films running out of steam in the final leg. FOX falls in this category. Verdict? This fox lacks the bite!  Arjun [Arjun Rampal] is a successful criminal lawyer whose knowledge and aggressive interpretation of the law makes him a name to reckon with. He is reputed to have never lost a case and can get anyone acquitted, no matter what the crime. No wonder then, criminals swear by his name. After years of saving criminals from punishment, one day, torn with guilt, he decides to quit his law practice and change for good. However, someone seems to be unwilling to let him go so easily. Now, Arjun is in a race to save himself and must use the help of his girlfriend Urvashi [Sagarika Ghatge] and a police officer Yash [Sunny Deol] before it’s too late. FOX starts off very well. The suspense builds up beautifully… in fact, everything’s going fine till it’s time to lift the veil of secrecy. A number of sequences are truly well canned and the characters and situations only evoke mystery. In fact, FOX has an intriguing start and an absorbing middle. But, as mentioned at the outset, the conclusion lacks fizz. The film ends on a tepid note, with things suddenly turning ‘filmy’. The villain’s motive seems so bizarre and predictable that it puts you off instantly. In fact, whatever impression you may’ve generated evaporates into thin air.  Nigam Bomzan’s camerawork is striking at places. But why is the camera shaking so much? Hand-held camera movement even during courtroom sequences is disturbing to the eye. Monty Sharma’s music is sloppy, although the background score is alright. Sunny Deol is restrained this time. Arjun Rampal looks perfect for his part. But why is he sporting a hideous wig at the start? Udita Goswami is wasted. Where does she disappear midway? Sagarika Ghatge is convincing. Vipul Gupta is a confident entrant. Ravi Gossain is okay.
On the whole, FOX fails to hook your attention. At the box-office, despite the presence of star-names, the fizz would be missing.
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