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7 Things That Wreak Hormone Havoc

Think you’re working a lot these days? That's nothing compared to your hormones' schedules. These super-busy biochemicals have quite the to-do list of processes they need to regulate. Think: appetite, mood, movement, sleep, sex drive, digestion, immunity, stress, growth — need we

Work on Your Fitness: Everyone Dance Now

To spend a healthy and well balanced, you need to workout on daily basis. Workout will not only make you fit and active, but also help you to burn down extra fats on your body. Some people are so busy in their daily rountine work that their tough schedule doesn’t allow them to go

Crucial Exercises: Bodyweight Pull-Up Variations

1.Bodyweight Pull-up Variations:

One particular exercise a significant proportion of the adult population simply cannot perform is the bodyweight pull-up. If you fall into this category, we’re set to break down the exercise variations available to you so that you can build up your strength in

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Protein?

Many contradictory thoughts exist on this topic and it is a hotly debated issue with some claiming that there is no such thing as too much protein while others claims that getting more than 35% of your total daily calories from protein can lead to near fatal

Benefits of Waking Up Early

There is a popular saying early to bed, early to rise: makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. No one can proof this wrong. We all sleep so that we need it because brain stops working at a level so to freshen up the mind and body sleep is very vital. 

Early risers are

Surprising Home Uses For Onions

Onion is the most widely used vegetable in homes especially for cooking purposes. Onion does not only spice up the dishes but is also pretty beneficial and useful out of the kitchen. From healing skin to cleaning metal check out the surprising uses of onions. You can use onion

Fruit Juice Is Just as Bad for You as Soft Drinks

The health factors that can to be overdone at any cost can be very misleading if use excessive fruit juices in our life too. We have always thought that the fruit juices are healthy for our body and will be the ones that would totally protect us from the harmful effects of ether sodas

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