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The 8 Biggest Health Blunders Everyone Should Avoid

1. Eating those portions of the diet that are really not healthy

Sometimes, while having skim milk, you might think that it’s fat free because all the cream has been removed from it. But, it still have calories. And by having a glass before going to sleep instead of two, will let you

Diet and Nutrition for Healthy Post-Baby Weight Loss

There is nothing more important for a new mother than her own health and diet. Usually, many mothers get post-baby fat which is thought to stay forever. However that is not the case as the post-baby weight can easily be reduced and all the ladies can get back to their beautiful healthy shape.

Tips to Remove Post Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are common and directly linked with pregnancy. They arise due to the changing size of the belly and even other parts of the body.

The stretch marks are usually same for every woman, they look like whitish waves and appear on body areas like the belly, lower abdomen, thighs, hips

Top 10 Diet Tips for Men

Either men or women, losing weight is one of the best things you can do for staying fit and healthy.  Being overweight can be harmful as it can damage the heart, also contribute to high blood pressure and can also damage the joints.

For men, losing weight is extremely important

Dental Health Dangers that Everyone Should Know

As the winter arrive people prefer staying at home rather than hanging out for food, probably 90% of people go for takeaway. But be sure you’re well aware of the oral health issues related to food you’re having.

A feminist critic writes that cooking food and presenting it beautifully

The Hidden Dangers of Snacking

What to do when you feel bored, or when you have nothing to do? What do you opt for when you feel frustrated? What do you do when you feel energy deficient? What do you look for when you want to spend quality time with friends and have fun? The list of questions continues to which the answer is

Top Tips for Eating out on a Diet

Where foodies enjoy eating out and dressing up together, they also end up gaining weight in the process. When on a diet not going out with friends looks rude therefore bearing certain pointers in mind and eating smartly can help.

If one avoids going out with friends for lunch while on a diet then

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