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Disability after heart attack, stroke: Survivors’ care needs greater than thought   Survivors’ physical limitations rapidly increase over decade following heart attack and stroke; many face disability, depression and caregiver reliance

University of Michigan, ANN ARBOR, Mich. — A record number of people are surviving heart attacks and stroke but those who

Health Benefits of Black and Green Tea

Everyone is familiar with tea; most of us are tea addict. Although the perception that we have made of tea is that it has diverse effects on the health of the humans. However, excess of everything is bad and resultsnegative impact, same are the case with having excessive tea cups or

A Young Man is a Man with Young Body

Men need to keep up with their male ego. They need to keep the self-esteem boosted. Middle age men hit the gym to bulk up some muscles and to show the world that they are young and still in the game. What is that builds up the body building craze for middle-aged men? This

Train your little one for healthy digestion

Teach the Child:

Old habits die hard. Improve your child’s eating habits to help the kid remain healthy by getting proper nutrients. Like you teach manners to the kids you need to tell them what is healthy for their digestive system. Kids need the food guide; they need to

The Best Thing You Can Do Before Your Workout

Stretching feels great — there’s no argument there. But, contrary to what you learned in P.E. class, you don’t want to stretch before exercising. "When working out, your muscles need to contract as powerfully as possible," explains L.A.-based personal trainer Mike Donavanik, CSCS.

Amazing Eating tips for Autumn

The summer heat has gone and as the temperature moves into the colder temperature bracket, the temptation is to opt us for more stodgy foods. This shift can be harmful and is certain to yield ample gain in weight. Let’s come to your rescue and share some healthy

Thank You Dr. Jonas Salk For Polio Vaccine   Google Doodle celebrates the 100th  anniversary of the bio-scientist who developed the Polio vaccine

By Stephen Pate – After World War I, summers in North America and Europe were a mother’s worst nightmare when too many children were stricken with the dreaded Polio

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