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Ebola and the Challenges Facing the Medical Community   An article in the American College of Physicians' Annals of Internal Medicine gives us an idea of how challenging it will be for medical facilities to care for Ebola patients in North America.   Let's get a bit of background first.
Aerosols and Ebola How Far Can Ebolavirus Spread?   In searching for information on Ebola, I happened to find this rather old (1995) article on the transmission of Ebola (Zaire), the species of Ebola that is responsible for the current outbreak in Africa and the cases in North America.  The article by Dr. N Jaax, a veterinarian and his
Ways to Heal Acne Fast Via Homemade Remedies

Here are the homemade remedies that will help you to fight and get rid of acne.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is a very good remedy while getting rid of skin related problems. The citrus acid in the little lemon clears out the skin if rubbed onto the affected area; it also rid

Dance Instead of Exercise

Dancing is way better instead of doing difficult exercise said researchers. Play the music that motivates your body for dance and make it a daily routine to keep your self healthy and physically fit. Dancing ob regularly basis surely decrease your weight to several pounds and

Controlling the Spread of Ebola   An interesting commentary by the Centre for Infectious Disease Research and Policy in mid-September may help explain how Ebola really spreads.   The authors, Lisa M. Brosseau and Rachel Jones note that it is critical that health care
Polio Québec – Le syndrome post-polio   Le syndrome post-polio peut prendre la forme de fatigue accrue, de nouvelles faiblesses musculaires et de nouvelles douleurs.

Dre Christiane Laberge, médecin généraliste et chroniqueuse télé, explique ce syndrome mal connu.

Des milliers de

What Is Post Polio Syndrome? New Polio Québec Video   Do people who had polio get it again? Is there any help?

Dr Christiane Laberge, GP and television medical commentator explains this little-known syndrome.

Thousands of Quebecers who contracted polio are at risk of developing Post-Polio Syndrome, or may already suffer from it

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