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Lipitor May Be The Source of Your Aches and Pains   Clinical trials do not match the experience of large numbers of people taking statin drugs

By Stephen Pate – Taking statin drugs can make your muscles sore and weak and even result in permanent damage. This adverse effect is reported as rare but the truth is different.

How Your Genes Influence Your Weed Habits   Illustrated by Marcel George.   We're still just beginning to understand why some people become dependent on marijuana but others don't. Your genes could have a lot to do with it, a new study suggests.

For the first part of the study, published online today in the
More Than 100 Women Are Suing This Birth Control Company For Unplanned Pregnancies
Illustrated by Ly Ngo.
  Well, here's a stress-inducing scenario for ya: More than 100 women claim to have had unplanned pregnancies while taking birth control pills and are now suing the pharma company behind the drugs, reports NPR.

Back in 2011, the Food
My Life With Orthorexia
Photographed by Danika Miller.
Jordan Younger is a longtime supporter of The Anti-Diet Project and a blogger with her own fascinating journey. She made headlines last year after revealing something deeply personal about her own health and lifestyle change. This week,
The Skin-Care Ingredient The Beauty Industry Can't Stop Talking About
Illustrated by Alena Jaffe.

Even we beauty editors have to admit that our industry has a tendency to get swept up in fads. Whether it's hype about a makeup technique or headlines about a new skin-care ingredient, beauty news is like a game of telephone that gets more
5 Hacks For A Healthier Week
Photographed by Atisha Paulson.  
Lazy (yet healthy) ladies, rejoice. Shape has 10 make-ahead, freezer-friendly breakfast recipes for your busiest mornings.
As for the rest of your day, we've got you covered there, too. Try these four healthier twists on
I'm Proud Of My Weight Loss But Not The Reasons Behind It   Zoë Ligon, also known as Pippa Vacker, is a sex educator who is currently pursuing her dream of opening an independent sex-toy store. In addition, she works for an online dating website and creates collage art known for its subversive and sexual content.

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