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Saturday, June 25, 2016 11:26 AM
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The Offsetting Impact of Solar Activity on Global Climate Change   A very interesting paper by Sarah Ineson et al entitled "Regional climate impacts of a possible future grand solar minimum" looks at the impact of a decline in solar activity on global warming related to anthropogenic factors (man-made factors i.e. global warming as a result of
The age of electrification across the transportation sector, the solar panel revolution, and Tesla's battery gigafactory are igniting a battle for the cheapest battery. That will transform lithium into a boom-time mineral and the hottest commodity on the energy investor's radar. It has been
In the pantheon of American culture, no event is more iconic and distinctly American than the Super Bowl. Like all things American, the Super Bowl is huge, expensive, and a source of incredible passion for fans. Just running a 30-second commercial to the more than 100 million people that watch the
The Use and Abuse of Cluster Munitions   According to Human Rights Watch, the recent hostilities between Saudi Arabia and Yemen's Houthi rebels has taken an interesting turn.  According to HRW, there is credible photographic evidence showing that the Saudi-led coalition has used cluster munitions against Houthi
May The Force Be With You Two Real R2 D2 Droids   Star Wars fans can own an original model of R2 D2 Droid signed by the prop designer Andrew Ainsworth or a real robot

By Stephen Pate – May the Force be with you on May 4th, the official Star Wars Day when you have one of the real R2 D2 Droid models from the movie or a Droid

Tesla's announcement last week about creating a new line of batteries for use by businesses, consumers, and the electrical grid at large is a game-changer for the industry. Currently, when individuals or companies need back-up power, they usually rely on generators. Effective battery storage for
Set Your Alarm Before Sunrise on April 4th For The Total Eclipse of the Moon   It’s déjà vu all over again. For the third time in less than a year, sky watchers in the United States can see a total eclipse of the Moon

The action begins at 3:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time on the morning of April 4th when the edge of the Moon first enters

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