Zimbabwe castigates SA court ruling

Zimbabwe has castigated the verdict announced by the court of South Africa on Wednesday which mentioned that the High Court of North Gauteng has given the authorities in SA the right to investigate into the matter of the neighboring country on ground of humanity.

The judgment announced by the court of SA has been out-rightly rejected by authorities in Zimbabwe who were rather shocked at the U-turn of the government of SA on the matter. As per the announcement made by the North Gauteng High Court, the police authorities and Priorities Crime Legislation Unit of the National Prosecution Authority of South Africa has the right to investigate into the matter of the officials of their neighboring country according to the rules and regulations of the International Criminal Court Act. Getting involved in the matter of their neighboring country on their own, the South African court announced an inquiry into the case.

The Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs Patrick Chinamasa commented on the ruling of the court and termed it as “irrelevant” and said it was a generic statement with no specific facts as there was no mention of any accused individual or the mention of the crime committed. He said, “The ruling brings the South African justice system into disrepute. No specifics have been identified because they should have laid a blow to blow account of what crime has been committed. That the court made a ruling based on a generalized opinion is a sad moment for the justice system in South Africa.”

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