Malaysia sets minimum wage for private sector

The International Labor Day was celebrated in Malaysia with great enthusiasm and dedication with the Prime Minister addressing the nation at the auspicious occasion. Najib Tun Abdul Razak spoke to the people of Malaysia on Tuesday and announced the introduction of the first ever minimum wage law for the private sector of the economy.

While talking about the minimum wage for the workers in private sector, he said that the step taken is expected to benefit approximately 3 million low income families in the economy. He announced that the private sector will now have to pay a minimum of 900 ringgits to each worker irrespective of the nature or the timings of work and a total of 800 ringgits are to be paid to workers employed in the private sector in poor eastern Sarawak and Sabah states of the country. Explaining further, he said that these minimum wage rates announced today will not be applicable to domestic workers.

According to a number of surveys, about 34% of the working population of Malaysia earns less than the poverty line, which is 800 ringgits. They are earning about 700 ringgits per month.

Najib said, “This is a special present from the federal government to all employees in our beloved country. The introduction of the minimum wage is a historic moment for Malaysia. The lowest-paid will now be guaranteed an income that lifts them out of poverty and helps ensure that they can meet the rising cost of living.”

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