Missing mother case turns into murder investigation

During the case of the missing Brisbane mother of three living children, Allison Baden-Clay, the police discovered the dead body of a woman matching the description of the missing mother on Tuesday and have marked the street to carry out thorough investigations.

According to the police authorities, the body was discovered in bushland near the Mt Crosby Road junction in the surroundings of Tyamolum Scout grounds. They are further thrashing the busland for details and clues on the case. Weather conditions have been announced favorable and the SES volunteers and police are positive that they will find some significant clues from the site other than just a sim card. As per the initial stance of the police department, the body of the murdered woman has no signs of foul play and therefore the case is still progressing as a homicide investigation but they are positive that further clues will soon clarify the nature of the case.

Police has refrained from commenting on the suspects involved in the case directly but has only mentioned that several individuals of interest have been interviewed and the process will continue until they have a significant lead on the killer. The superintendent of police, Mark Ainsworth, said, “The missing person’s case has been ramped up for some time. At this stage, we are looking at an unlawful homicide investigation. We believed it reached that level some time ago.”

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