Opposition demands tabling of HSU report

The opposition is demanding from the government to table the Health Services Union (HSU) report put together by Fair Work Australia (FWA) in the parliament at the earliest on Monday.

The manager of FWA Bernadette O’Neill announced that she will give a presentation on the report to the lawyers in respect to the 181 contraventions of union rules and office laws to the court in regards to the inquiry launched into the misuse of funds of HSU by former workers of the organizations. These might include some workers currently employed at HSU as well. Explaining a bit in detail, she said that one of the former officials has record of significant amount of money being utilized for hospitality, travel, and unnecessary escorts. However, she did not mention the name of the official.

The spokesperson of the opposition Eric Abetz also pushed that the government should release the report as soon as possible. He said, “There is clearly a lot to be answered here. Fair Work Australia's report is on its way to the Senate committee – it should be released immediately.” He also said that Fair Work Australia and the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution both have no issue over releasing the reports. It is only the government which is not allowing the release.

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