Brisbane teenager stabbed at school

A 14 year old girl was stabbed by a 16 year old school boy in the grounds of the school on Wednesday morning in Brisbane, Queensland.

The principal and other teachers of the school inform that they found out about the incident when they heard screams of the girl from the grounds and rushed towards the voices. School authorities immediately informed the Department of Community Safety and called the police and an ambulance so that the girl was given medical help. Police have arrested the teenage boy, who is also a student of the same school – St Columban's College. The boy did not resist to the arrest and is helping the police in investigation of the case. A knife was also recovered from the boy soon after he was arrested. Other school students stood watching as the incident occurred and the boy was taken into custody for his wrong doing.

The injured girl has been admitted to the Royal Brisbane hospital where she is being treated for wounds on her back, neck, arms, head, and hands. According to the hospital authorities, the wounds are not life-threatening and the girl is in conscious condition. School management has closed the school for a couple of hours so that the investigation is completed without any delay. One of the senior students at campus said, “I've been told [the school] will be shut down for a minimum of two hours. All buses are being directed to go back to their bus stops to drop all the passengers off.”

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