Conservatives Election Platform: Fear For Canada

No matter how you approach it, it really is the perfect poke at the Conservatives "Here For Canada" slogan. Whether one focuses on the Conservatives election messaging, or their own campaign style, it always leads to the word "fear".

Harper has, as far as I’ve seen, failed to met with one ordinary, non-partisan Canadian on this campaign, and we are a week in. Have we seen any shots of him shaking hands, interacting with PEOPLE? I would appear that Harper is afraid of the citizens he claims to lead, who he’s "here for". A bit of farce isn’t it, particularly with man who used to lead as supposedly populist movement, now he operates like a despot. I have pointed to this fact before, last election Harper REFUSED to appear on CBC if had to answer ONE RECORDED question from a voter. 

The Prime Minister also seems to fear the press, provoking confrontations we haven’t seen in recent memory. Journalist questions are the only opportunity to challenge party spin, the inability of the Harper campaign to adhere to this most basic form of accountability is actually quite worrisome. Harper has been limited and manipulating the press for years, nice to see these issues finally getting some traction. Politicians hate the media, but particularly in a campaign, their participation is a democratic essential, flawed but fundamental. Why does Harper fear having to answer questions, why doesn’t he seem to have the courage of his convictions?

Harper likes to talk tough, macho language, challenging and aggressive. Trouble is, when called on bravado he suddenly looks afraid. It is normal for the "favorite" to try and limit debates, quite another though when said front runner was the one who suggested the idea, even PROVIDED sound rationale as persuasion. We now have the spectacle of empty words Harper contradicting himself, apparently so fearful of Ignatieff that he willingly embraces hypocrisy.

A quick recap, afraid of voters, afraid of questions, afraid of his opponent. Yes, it would appear "Fear For Canada" is Harper’s chief contribution. Factor in, an already articulated campaign which has offered nothing but dire predictions, pending economic and social doom, near apocalyptic post election scenarios, and really it’s all fear, all the time. No vision, just fear, no accountability, just fear. Actually, the more you think about it WE should fear for Canada.

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