Michael Ignatieff accepts an offer from Rick Mercer for one-on-one debate with Stephen Harper

A new wrinkle on the debate story, one that has breathed new life into the prospect of a one on one:

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has accepted an offer from comedian Rick Mercer to take part in a one-on-one debate with Conservative Leader Stephen Harper.

Harper has yet to respond to the popular television personality, who mused on his Twitter account on Friday night about moderating a debate between the two leaders.

"Ok hell i will rent massey put the camera’s in place and moderate the Harper Iggy smackdown," Mercer tweeted.

He followed it several minutes later with "Ok i’ll produce a Iggy Harper debate. 50 grand to a charity of their choice. I’ll find a broadcaster or 4."

Michael Ignatieff responded Saturday afternoon, also on Twitter: "I’m in."

The Liberal leader then tweeted that he wanted the charity money to go to the Alzheimer Society. Ignatieff’s mother succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease in 1992.

Harper was obviously hoping to run out the clock, in this media reality, hard for any issue to sustain itself. However, Mercer has interjected himself and provided another round of EMBARRASSING digestion for the Prime Minister. Let’s hope the Liberal war room has some enterprising soul working out the logistics with Mr. Mercer, or Don Newman, or any of the other suggestions presented.

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