Canada Election 2011: Harper at the center of uncertainty

I am resigning myself to the fact the coalition topic won’t go away, despite the inherent inanity of obsessing about hypotheticals. What I find a bit perplexing from our side, not so much the response, but why we seem content to play defence. All this talk about constant elections, all this rationale for a majority, it all evaporates if you place Harper at the center of uncertainty.

Ignatieff speaks about "not playing well with others", it’s a decent line, so the conversation is there. However, we need to go for the jugular on this score, Harper doesn’t deserve a majority, he deserves a goddam PINK SLIP. All the frustration Canadians feel about the nonsense in Ottawa, who is the common denominator, who yields the most influence to dictate tone? Yes, we do keep having elections, and the constant thread is Harper at odds with everyone.

You don’t reward this behaviour with another mandate, you kick it to the curb. How can the person that has resided over this tumult have the temerity to demand another, STRONGER mandate? Speak to Canadians sense of entitlement, earned mandate, has Harper behaved in a manner that deserves more power? The Liberals need to stop engaging in endless hypotheticals, trying to appease, for fear of suspect phrasing, they need to tell Canadians if you want peace in Ottawa, REMOVE THE IRRITANT. It’s a referendum on Harper, he’s the PRIME Minister, the buck stops there for crying out loud! SEIZE all this negative energy Canadians feel about their elected representatives and make it a verdict about Harper, because really it speaks to common sense.

I forced an election in 2006, I manufactured an election in 2008 during the summer, I’ve prorogued Parliament, I’ve failed to engage with other parties to pass my budget, everywhere you turn, Harper is the common thread. It’s all about HIM, not hypotheticals, not fear mongering, it’s all about a country that needs to turn the page on this divisive period in our history. Coalition no, but make working co-cooperatively a virtue, not a boogeyman. Sick of elections, sick of constant bickering, well SO ARE WE CANADA, SO ARE WE, let’s move beyond it and start fresh. Harper isn’t the solution, he’s the problem.

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