High risk offender Tracy Lloyd Caza now residing in Vancouver

Vancouver Police are warning the public that Tracy Lloyd Caza will be residing in a Vancouver halfway house as of May 5th. He is currently serving a two-year sentence for robbery.

Caza has a lengthy criminal history involving violence and is known to commit thefts by befriending and targeting elderly victims residing in residential care homes, hospital facilities, and private residences, using deceit and gaining their trust. He is believed to be a high risk to re-offend and has a poor record of compliance with court imposed conditions.

Caza is 50 years old, white, 5’9″ tall and 170 lbs. He has a fair complexion, medium length, graying brown hair, blue eyes, and he is known to wear glasses.

He must abide by the following conditions:

not to be in the company of any person over 65 years of age, either at private residences, residential care facilities, hospitals or any similar facility, without prior written approval of your parole supervisor
report all relationships, both friendships and intimate, with women to his parole supervisor
abstain from drugs other than prescribed medications taken as directed and over-the-counter drugs taken as recommended by the manufacturer
not to associate with any person you know or have reason to believe is involved in criminal activity and/or substance misuse
abstain from the use of alcohol

Anyone witnessing Tracy Lloyd Caza in violation of his conditions is asked to call 9-1-1.

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