Vancouver police warn public about residing of high risk sex offender in Vancouver

Barry Ross Blaney

Barry Ross BlaneyThe Vancouver Police Department believes that compelling circumstances exist requiring the Department to warn the public that Barry Ross Blaney poses a risk of significant harm to the safety of women in the city of Vancouver.

Blaney was released from a federal prison on November 22nd, 2011, after serving an eight-year sentence for sexual assault causing bodily harm. He is serving a 10-year long-term supervision order and is now residing in a federal halfway house in Vancouver.

Barry Blaney also served time for sexual assault and overcoming resistance by choking in 1990. While in federal custody, Blaney was assessed as a high risk to re-offend sexually.

Barry Ross Blaney is 49 years old, Aboriginal, 175 cm (5’9″) and 75 kg (166 lbs.). He has long salt-and-pepper hair, brown eyes, and a scar on his upper lip. He has a tattoo of a heart on his left hand and a cross on his left upper arm.

While on his long term supervision order, Blaney must abide by several conditions, including:

– abstain from intoxicants

– report all intimate relationships with females to his parole officer

– no direct or indirect contact with the victims of his offending

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