Mounties advise to public to keep their property secure from theft

One of the great things about spring and warmer weather is opening the windows and doors to allow that cool Nova Scotia breeze flow through your home. Unfortunately, open windows and doors can be an easy entry-point for thieves who will take the opportunity to enter your vehicle, home or garage. HRM Partners in Policing advise people to ensure their properties safe and secure. Below are a few security tips to keep in mind as the warm weather approaches:

-Always secure tools and equipment in a shed or garage when not in use.

-Remember to secure your shed or garage by investing in quality locks
and dead-bolts.

-Always put your windows up on your vehicle, remove any valuables or loose change and keep your vehicle locked.

-Remember, a small amount of loose change may not seem significant to you but it can be enough to tempt a thief to break into your vehicle.

-Remove any electronics from your vehicle including charging devices. A cell phone charger tells a thief there could be a phone hidden inside.

-Always secure doors and windows on your home and garage before leaving home or retiring for the night.

-Keep bushes and shrubs cut back to allow for visibility.

-Invest in quality outdoor lighting, motion lighting and consider the use of timers.

-If you will be away for an extended period of time, arrange to have someone trusted check on your home for you and stop newspaper delivery.

-Be aware of any unusual activity in your neighborhood and report it to the police.

Anyone who is a victim of property crime is encouraged to please contact police.

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