Gatineau skydiver safe after a rough landing

A skydiver was rushed to hospital after a rough landing late on Sunday, reports Gatineau fire department. Apparently, the 35-year-old skydiver was conscious and breathing on his own during the emergency rush.

Reportedly, the Gatineau skydiver landed on the suburbs of the Ottawa-Gatineau Executive Airport just north Highway 50 on Airport Boulevard. According to Gatineau Police, the skydiver was an experienced one. He was trying to practice some techniques while he landed.

Proprietor Pierre Carpentie said: “He came in a little bit faster than he intended. It’s a high speed approach. You come in faster than you usually would, conventionally with a parachute.”

Unfortunately, his chute remained open and he hit the ground harder than intended. According to Lieut. Eric Simard, the skydiver is suffering through a number of fractures and lacerations, but is out of danger.

When the authorities of Gatineau-based Go Skydive, the company for whom the skydiver worked, were probed, they refuse to talk to the media.

“It had nothing to do with the equipment, it’s really just the judgment,” Carpentier said. “(That’s) the type of risk when you are doing things like that.”

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