Black plans regaining Canadian citizenship

After Conrad Black, 67, returned to Ottawa on one-year residency permit, he deems of regaining his Canadian citizenship. Black shows interest in applying to get his Canadian citizenship back but would wait until the matter seems appropriate.

“I always intended to take my citizenship back when that was appropriate. I would have done it long ago if we hadn’t been interrupted by this nonsense in the United States,” Black said.

Black came back to Canada after serving over three years in Florida prison. He was convicted for fraud and obstruction of justice. Despite the fact that Black had given up his Canadian citizenship in 2001 in order to gain British citizenship, it was generally believed that he eventually wanted to come back to his home in Toronto’s elite Bridle Path neighborhood.

“For a foreign national with a criminal record, even one that’s non-violent, it’s a fairly lengthy process to establish Canadian citizenship,” said Immigration Minister Jason Kenney this week.

Black says he does not intend to do anything that would push people to be more hostile towards him. He claims to be morally unsuited to be a citizen of this country.

Moreover, Black criticized NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair for implying ‘British criminal Conrad Black’ was given exclusive treatment by giving him permission for temporary residency. Black said he “deliberately had absolutely no contact direct or indirect with anyone” and said he’d enjoy suing Mulcair if he did not stop with his “cheap shot” comments.

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