Edmonton police warn Alberta hoteliers to beware of thieves going hard after soft drink machines

Thieves apparently have a thirst for the taste of Pepsi, especially the cash found in machines that carry the popular soft drink.

Edmonton police are warning hoteliers across Alberta – the country for that matter – to be on the lookout for a team of soft-drink suspects targeting Pepsi machines located in hotels, and making off with the monetary contents. 

The thieves targeted a pair of hotels in Edmonton, breaking into several Pepsi machines over the weekend, Aug. 10-11, 2012, making off with upwards of $2,000.

“We’ve been in contact with police agencies across the country, and confirmed this isn’t merely a one-time crime,” said Const. David Crisp, with the EPS Southwest Division. “We would like hoteliers across Alberta, and the country, to be aware that these individuals are purposely targeting Pepsi machines in hotels.”

Police believe the team of thieves has a thirst for breaking into hotel Pepsi machines, and is also responsible for pulling off similar crimes at hotels across the country, including Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and most recently 10 machines at a Calgary hotel Monday, Aug. 13, 2012.

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