McGuinty wants to make retirement homes safer

For the first time in Ontario’s history, seniors living in retirement homes across Ontario will be protected under provincial legislation, the new Retirement Homes Act, which received legislative approval today.

The new Retirement Homes Act will:

Create a regulatory authority with the power to license homes and conduct inspections, investigations and enforcement, including issuing financial penalties or revoking licenses if necessary.

Establish mandatory care and safety standards, and requirements for emergency plans, infection control and prevention programs, assessment of care needs and care planning, police background checks and training for staff.

Establish residents’ rights, including the right to know the true cost of care and accommodation and the right to live in an environment that promotes zero tolerance of abuse or neglect.

Ontario will be working with partners, including seniors groups, advocates, health experts and the retirement home industry to develop regulations that include mandatory care and safety standards for any care service provided by a retirement home in the province.

A retirement home would be defined through the legislation and proposed regulations as a home where a minimum of six or more unrelated residents, primarily 65 years of age or older, purchase accommodation and care. The government will have the flexibility to change the minimum number of residents if necessary.

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  1. When people get old, they have either sent to a nursing home or forced to live in senior homes and given the excuse as their professional care and comfort and company.

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