Wallin Claims Accusations against Her Are Unfair, Biased

Senator Pamela Wallin mentioned in a speech addressed to the Senate on Wednesday, amid motion seeking her suspension without pay, that the accusations laid against her are purely partisan, and she shall be entitled to equal chance of defending her rights as she would have in court. Ms. Wallin is among the three scandalous Senators, including fellow former Conservatives Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau, who are facing a motion that seeks to deprive them of their seats and salaries sighting reason to be “gross negligence” on their part while spending taxpayers money.

The scandal has been unfolding for months now and, according to Mr. Duffy, has also created much discontent among the Conservative base. The Senate initially began debating motions to suspend the three senators without pay on Tuesday and continued Wednesday. Ms. Wallin stated that “the motion to suspend me is baseless and premature and likely beyond the scope of this chamber.” Ms. Wallin has already refunded more than $150,000 to the senate in improperly claimed expenses, despite having claimed that any mistakes by here were inadvertent and that rules were applied to her retroactively.

Ms. Wallin accused the Conservative government of wanting to suspend her to “remove a perceived liability, namely me.” She alleged that the Conservative government aims to appease its supporters before a party convention at the end of the month. She stated that “this issue is no longer about expenses or audits or transparency or accountability or even about the reputation of this chamber – it about the abuse of power.”

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