Sen. Wallin Says Harper’s Aide Ordered Her to Resign

During a recent speech to the senate amid discussion of a motion that seeks her suspension from the upper chamber without pay, Sen. Pamela Wallin asserted that she has been a victim of political vendetta. She alleged having been unfairly forced from the Senate only because she became a “liability” for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives.

Wallin presented her stance against the Conservative-led move to suspend her, along with two other senators who were also caught in spending controversy, calling it a “mockery” and an attempt to quell public unhappiness. She mentioned in her statement that “this charade is supposedly about preserving the reputation of this place — but the real intent is to remove a perceived liability — namely me.” The former television journalist took names of two Conservative senators, namely Carolyn Stewart Olsen and Marjory LeBreton, who she accused for being responsible for her political downfall. She accused them of articulating leaks of damning information to the media to cast her conduct in the “worst possible light.” LeBreton was the government leader in the Senate, while Stewart Olsen was a former Harper aide at the time, both of whom sat on the Senate’s internal economy committee.

Wallin stated that neither senator “could not abide the fact that I was outspoken in caucus, or critical from time to time of their leadership, or that my level of activity brought me into the public eye.” She added that “they resented that — they resented me being an activist senator.” Responding to her allegations, LeBreton later refuted that Wallin’s accusations were “false, false, false.”

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