Australia Federal Police Arrests a Canadian for Drug Trafficking

A failed scheme of scamming a Perth couple to be used as drug mules was exposed by Australian Federal Police. According to police sources, the couple, aged 64 and 72, was made to travel Canada after being told they had won a free holiday, including seven nights’ accommodation and new luggage. However, they became suspicious of the package and alerted the authorities upon their return to Perth, soon after which Customs officers found 3.5 kilograms of methamphetamine hidden in each of their suitcases.

Consequently, a 38-year-old Canadian was arrested from Perth airport and charged with importing a commercial quantity of methamphetamine. It was further revealed that this case is part of a larger investigation by Australian police. A local news reporter explained that “there’s a lot of Canadians involved in this, it seems,” adding that “we’ve had eight arrests over the last 18 months.” It was further explained that “it was certainly a Canadian ring that was at the heart of it, and I imagine we’ll be getting more details coming out as the weeks go on.”

Australian police Cmdr. David Bachi mentioned in a statement that they do not believe the couple was willingly involved. Bachi alleged that “the investigation has revealed a complex and highly organized scam in which older Australians appear to be targeted by a bogus Canadian-based tour company identifying themselves as Auscan Tours.” He added that “the organizers of this scam went to great lengths to provide a facade of legitimacy,” but “thankfully, the travellers contacted Customs and didn’t dismiss their concerns, allowing us to make the arrest.” Lastly, it said that “we will continue working with local and international law enforcement partners, targeting all elements of this drug syndicate.”

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